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We accept bookings during uncomfortable hours and even at the weekends. If we can't teach you when it is convenient to you, why would we be in business today?

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The skillset can be used at work, home or in-between.

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6 Minutes

The time it takes for brain damage to set in during heart failure

⛑️ Is QEH your only option?

⛑️ Do you have a defibrillator in the office?

⛑️ What about the clinics closest to you?

⛑️ Are the right people on this shift?

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Life Skills

It takes seconds to save someone from choking as long as you know how. 

We have trained hundreds of Bajans to take care of one another and to be there when something goes wrong.

The ambulance can help once they've arrived. Your job is to maintain life until they do.


Primary Care

A woman calling for help while she tends to a man having a heart attack

Heart Attacks

Recognise cardiac arrest, manage the patient, use a crowd to your advantage and work with Emergency Medical Personnel

Someone calling an ambulance while another is suffering from cardiac arrest


Diagnose a stroke and understand the implications of a stroke and the urgency of getting help.

A woman administering CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR


Care for patients with angina/arrhythmia which affects over 9% of adults over 65 and is often confused for a heart attack.

A woman performing the Heimlich maneover on a choking young girl


Use the back-slap method and the Heimlich maneuver to save children and adults from airway obstruction.

Secondary Care

An adult applying a plaster band-aid to a child's leg


Confidently use the right bandages and plasters at the right time and for the right reason.

A woman helping bandage a man's head after an injury

Chest/Head/Eye Injuries

Understand the importance of head injuries and check eyes, ears and the neck to prevent life-changing damage.

A first responder helping a burn victim


Learn how burns can come from temperatures that are too hot AND too cold. Don't make mistakes because you think you know what to do.

A man being put in the recovery position

Heat Stroke/Exhaustion

One needs lying down and the other needs emergency personnel immediately. Know which one you're dealing with.

A woman helping bandage a man's fractured broken arm

Dislocations & Fractures

Help a patient get to a doctor without making the dislocation or fracture/break worse in transit. 

A tourniquet to stop uncontrollable excessive bleeding

Uncontrolled Bleeding

Potentially life-threatening bleeding can be limited and the damage can be contained if you know some very basic techniques.

A first responder helping a man who suffered an electrical injury

Electrical Injuries

The one thing worse than an electrical injury is two electrical injuries. How do you save someone from live electricity and stay safe at the same time.

A woman helping a child recover from drowning and she will prevent secondary drowning with an ambulance and a hospital


Take charge with real knowledge. Ensure that patients don't die from secondary drowning because everyone thought the worst was over.

About Us

First Aid Training is a leading provider of first aid training in Barbados. We provide a hands-on approach to Emergency First Response training that covers primary care, secondary care and the use of defibrillators - for adults and children.


Our experienced and certified instructors are passionate about providing quality training that is tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Our courses are designed to teach the necessary skills to respond to medical emergencies with confidence.

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Our Clients Include

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